The Ibovespa rose 0.56% to 116,691 points at 10:34 am (Brasília), with Copel, Vale and Prio leading the index highs. At the other end, Hypera (BVMF:HYPE3), Cielo and Raia Drogasil lead the falls this morning.

Check out the main corporate news of the day.

Vale (BVMF:VALE3) – The company signed three agreements with local authorities and clients to jointly study the development of industrial complexes in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Sultanate of Oman to produce low-carbon products for the steel industry. The shares were up 3.507%, at R$69.48.

Copel (BVMF:CPLE6) – The government of Paraná, its controller, will conduct studies aimed at subsidizing a model for potential capital market operation, optimizing the state investment. The shares were up 9.42% at R$7.67.

Prio (BVMF:PRIO3) – The company reported a profit of US$ 154 million in the third quarter of this year, which represents an increase of 542% compared to the same period in 2021. Net revenue was a record again, with US$ 378 million, up 110% on the same comparison. The shares rose 5.34%, at R$37.28.

Cielo (BVMF:CIEL3) – Reported recurring net income of R$422 million in the third quarter of this year, up 99% compared to the same period in 2021. The papers retreated 1.51% at R$5.86.

Raia Drogasil (BVMF:RADL3) – The company announced net income of R$ 225.367 million in the third quarter of 2022, an increase of 30.4% over the same period last year. On an adjusted basis, net income reached R$201.7 million, up 16.2%. The shares fell 2.40%, to R$25.68.

CSN Mineração SA (BVMF:CMIN3) – Reported net income of R$514 million in the third quarter of 2022, down 36.1% compared to the same period in 2021. The shares were up 2.12%, at R$3.37.

CSN (BVMF:CSNA3) – Had a net income of 237.6 million reais, down 82% over the performance of the same period of 2021. The shares rose 0.81%, at R$12.38.

Minerva (BVMF:BEEF3) – The leading South American company in beef export concluded the repurchase and cancellation of another portion of the 2028 and 2031 Bonds, continuing its strategy to improve its capital structure. The papers were down 0.44%, at R$12.62.

M. Dias Branco (BVMF:MDIA3) – The company bought Darcel and Cacama, Uruguayan companies that own Alimentos Las Acacias brand, with undisclosed values, according to Valor. The shares were down 0.16% at R$43.43.

Lojas Quero-Quero (BVMF:LJQQ3) – The reported net loss was R$7.6 million in the 3Q22 and R$22.3 million in the 9M22. In 3Q21, net income was R$15.6 million. The papers had a valuation of 0.99%, at R$6.10.

Irani Papel e Embalagem SA (BVMF:RANI3) – One of the main Brazilian industries in the paper and sustainable packaging segments reported net income of R$95.530 million in the third quarter, down 2.1% year-on-year. The shares fell 1.05%, at R$8.45.

Intelbras (BVMF:INTB3) – The electronics company had a 26.8% increase in net income compared to 3Q21, reaching the amount of R$122.666 million. The shares fell 3.23%, at R$35.24.