Expectations surrounding the release of data from the US economy dominated the financial market on Thursday (6).

The dollar rose and again surpassed the R$ 5.20 barrier. With the help of the international price of oil, the stock market had its fifth consecutive high.

The commercial dollar closed the day at R$ 5.21, up R$ 0.026 (+0.5%). The quote had a day of oscillations, with the currency falling to R$ 5.17 shortly before 10 am and rising to R$ 5.22 an hour later.
The stock market had a more optimistic day. The Ibovespa index, of the B3, closed at 117,561 points, up 0.31%. The indicator rose 0.98% at 11am, but slowed down throughout the day.

Even so, the Brazilian stock market had gains for the fifth straight session, sustained by Petrobras shares (PETR4), the most traded.

Petrobras’ common shares (with voting rights at shareholders’ meetings) rose 2.95%. Preferred shares (with preference in dividend distribution) advanced 3.41%.

The decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to cut production continues to reverberate in the global market.

On Thursday, the dollar rose across the globe amid expectations of an announcement of job creation in the United States.

If job creation slows down, this will reduce pressure for the Federal Reserve (Fed, the US central bank) to raise interest rates higher than forecast.

However, new statements from Fed officials showed the Fed’s commitment to keeping interest rates high for as long as necessary to hold down inflation in the United States, causing the dollar to rise across the globe.

Higher rates in developed countries stimulate capital flight from emerging countries, such as Brazil.