The Ibovespa falls 1.37%, at 110,666 points at 10:28 am, with MRV (BVMF:MRVE3), Banco do Brasil (BVMF:BBAS3) and Via (BVMF:VIIA3) leading the losses this morning. On the other end, IRB Brasil (BVMF:IRBR3), Braskem (BVMF:BRKM5) and São Martinho (BVMF:SMTO3) are the positive highlights of the index.

Check out the main corporate news of the day.

Renova Energia (BVMF:RNEW11) – Renova Energia informed the market on Monday that it has completed stage 3 of the implementation of the Alto Sertão III Complex – Phase A, with the entry into commercial operation of 303.6 MWs. This stage was foreseen in the Judicial Recovery Plan of Alto Sertão III, as well as stages 1 and 2, which had already been completed on February 10 and August 6, 2022. The assets lose 0.33%, at R$6.13.

Eneva (BVMF:ENEV3) – Eneva informed that its 9th debenture issue received a AAA(bra) rating from Fitch Rating. The papers fall 1.12%, to R$15.84.

3R Petroleum (BVMF:RRRP3) – 3R Petroleum informed that the Extraordinary General Meeting elected the members of the Board of Directors in a unified mandate until the Annual General Meeting of 2024. The Board will be composed of Roberto da Cunha Castello Branco, André de Camargo Bartelle, Richard Chagas Gerdau (BVMF:GGBR4) Johannpeter, Paula Kovarsky Rotta, Kjetil Braaten Solbraekke, Guilherme Affonso Ferreira, and Harley Lorentz Scardoelli. The shares fall 1.69%, to R$37.92.

Brisanet (BVMF:BRIT3) – Brisanet concluded the issue of R$300 million in simple debentures, not convertible into shares, unsecured, in a single series. The term for the debentures is five years and the remuneration will be 100% of the DI rate plus a spread of 2% per year. The papers gain 0.27%, at R$3.72.

Neoenergia (BVMF:NEOE3) – Neoenergia received from Aneel the authorization to reinforce the Medeiros Neto 2 Substation in Morro do Chapéu, in Bahia. The reinforcement will take place with the implementation of a second bank of single-phase autotransformers and other necessary equipment. The Capex estimated by the Regulator for this work is R$ 74.746 million, while the additional authorized RAP is R$ 7.786 million and the regulatory deadline for start-up is January 2025. The assets lose 1.21%, at R$ 16.30.
Dommo Energia (BVMF:DMMO11) – Dommo Energia has reached an agreement to pay Malaysian oil company Petronas after losing a dispute in arbitration. The company has committed to pay the costs and fees it was ordered to pay in the arbitration. The company said that a good part of the amount is already covered by the insurance policy it has taken out, but a balance of $2.5 million is not covered by insurance and will be paid by Dommo. The shares fall 0.58%, to R$ 1.73.

Energisa (BVMF:ENGI11) – Energisa hired BTG Pactual (BVMF:BPAC11) as a market maker for its units. BTG will start to provide market making services from this Tuesday, September 6th. The shares fall 0.36%, at R$44.04.
Gol (BVMF:GOLL4) – According to Gol’s August traffic results, the company’s total demand (RPK) rose 46.3% compared to the same month last year and the load factor stood at 81.5%, an annual advance of 1.3 p.p.. Still looking at the overall figures, the total number of seats grew by 41.4% and the number of takeoffs rose by 44.9%. Gol’s total offer (ASK) increased by 43.9%. Assets are down 0.80%, at R$9.95.

CCR (BVMF:CCRO3) – Itaúsa (BVMF:ITSA4) is expected to appoint Roberto Setubal, co-chairman of Itaú Unibanco (BVMF:ITUB4), and Vicente Assis, former president of McKinsey in Brazil, to the board of CCR. Votorantim is also expected to appoint CEO João Schmidt and Mateus Ferreira, the group’s M&A director and former head of infrastructure at Itaú BBA to the CCR board. The shares lose 1.40% at R$14.08.

Embraer (BVMF:EMBR3) – Embraer has successfully completed the flight tests of the certification campaign for the Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS II), which according to the manufacturer provides the C-390 Millennium with the necessary functionality to perform the forest firefighting mission. The shares fall 0.69% to R$13.05.

Eletrobras (BVMF:ELET3) – Eletrobras informed that, among the adjustments under analysis in the company, it is under study the reduction in the number of members of the collegiate from 11 to 9. In addition, the company also informed that it received a summons to pay R$ 6.8 billion in a lawsuit filed by Eagle Equity Funds LLC related to bearer bonds for compulsory loans. The electric company said that the lawsuit is “unfounded” and that it will take all necessary measures to defend itself. The assets fall 2.86%, at R$45.12.

GPA (BVMF:PCAR3) – GPA announced the segregation of its Colombian unit Éxito through a capital reduction, in which it will distribute 83% of the shares it holds in the South American company to shareholders. With this, GPA will hold 13% of Éxito, a portion with “potential for monetization in the future,” GPA said. The transaction should occur through the proportional distribution to GPA shareholders of common shares of Éxito, including in the form of BDRs level II and ADRs level 2. The shares lose 0.42%, at R$23.60.

Petrobras (BVMF:PETR4) – The change announced on Monday by Petrobras in the digital affairs directorate may be only the first among some that are being studied by the company’s president, Caio Paes de Andrade, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

In addition, the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), through its units in Pará and Amapá, recommended Ibama and Petrobras to suspend the maritime drilling activity scheduled for the basin of the mouth of the Amazon. The MPF said that the activity will affect four indigenous communities in Amapá, quilombolas and riverside communities in Pará and that there was no prior consultation, a right of these peoples. Shares are down 2.79%, at R$ 32.40.