For yet another day, the financial market experienced a day of tensions amid the threat of global recession. The stock market fell to the lowest level in two months. The dollar alternated between highs and lows, but closed flat after two consecutive strong highs.

The Ibovespa index, from B3, closed this Tuesday (27) at 108.376 points, down 0,68%. Falling for the third time in a row, the indicator reached the lowest level since August 5.

The stock market opened high, but reversed the movement after statements from members of the Federal Reserve (Fed, US Central Bank). On Tuesday, directors of the body indicated that the monetary authority of the United States will continue aggressive in raising interest rates, even with the possibility of recession in the largest economy on the planet.

The statements also affected the foreign exchange market. The commercial dollar closed this Tuesday sold at R$ 5.377, with a retreat of only 0.09%. The quote started the day falling, reaching R$ 5.29 in the first minutes of trading, but returned to operate close to stability, alternating small highs and small falls, after the opening of foreign markets.

The high interest rates in Brazil helped to hold the pressure on the dollar, which yesterday reached the highest value since July 22. However, the Brazilian financial market was once again influenced by the outside world.

The North American stock exchanges closed with a mixed performance. The Dow Jones index, of industrial companies, fell 0.43%. The S&P 500, of the largest companies, fell 0.21% and closed at the lowest level since November 2020. The Nasdaq, of technology companies, went the other way and rose 0.25%.

Pound Sterling

In Europe, sterling, which yesterday had fallen to the lowest level in almost 40 years, partially recovered today against the dollar. However, explosions in pipelines linking Russia to Germany have heightened fears of a further escalation in the Ukraine war.