Klabin (KLBN11) announced the launch of a fluff pulp produced from the fiber mix, short eucalyptus and long pine.

PineFluff eXcel, as it was called, focuses on the hygiene products market, such as diapers, feminine pads, and hygienic mats for pets, among others.

According to the company, the solution expands design alternatives and improves liquid retention and distribution aspects, while maintaining softness.
There are also competitive advantages associated with logistics distribution, packaging optimization and lower energy consumption in production, says the company. The product is available for the domestic and foreign markets.

“The production of softwood pulp, which originates from pine, is a major competitive advantage for Klabin.

The development of solutions from the fiber mix is part of our roadmap, especially because it is a way to potentiate the use of each fiber, delivering a product optimized to the customer’s needs,” explains Alexandre Nicolini, director of Klabin’s Pulp Business.

PineFluff eXcel, according to the company, is the result of about five years of work at Klabin’s Technology Center, in Telemaco Borba, Parana, with support from the commercial, R&D, industrial and technical customer services areas.

The company was already evaluating, according to the project pipeline, the production of the fiber mix in a single product and identified in the market the demand for complementary alternatives to 100% softwood pulp, which deliver good performance to the applications.

The new product is being made at the Puma Unit, in Ortigueira, Paraná, and is designed to reach the customer in the form of a single sheet reel, which can be used in the production of different absorbent products.

To optimize production, Klabin has invested in the integration of the long and short fiber production lines, with completion of the project forecast for the first quarter of 2023.

Klabin’s Results in the Second Quarter 2022

Klabin’s (KLBN11) results for the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22), released on July 27, showed a net profit of R$ 972 million in 2Q22, up 35% over the same quarter of the previous year.
Klabin’s Ebitda reached R$ 1.99 billion in 2Q22, a growth of 11% in comparison with 2Q21.

Klabin’s Ebitda margin came to 39% in 2Q22, down by -5.0 percentage points in comparison with 2Q21.

Klabin’s net margin came to 19.3% in 2Q22, up 1.7 percentage points from 2Q21.

Klabin shares (KLBN11) have accumulated a high of 7.39% on the stock exchange in the last 7 days and a drop of 5.81% in the last 12 months.