Itaúsa (ITSA3) reported recurring net income of R$3.5 billion in the third quarter of 2022 (3QRI22), up 32.9% from R$2.6 billion in the third quarter of 2021.

The company announced the payment of R$ 425 million net (R$ 0.043809 net per share) to be paid until December 29, 2023, and the conclusion of the acquisition of 10.33% of CCR in the amount of R$ 2.9 billion, largely financed through debentures.

In relation to XP, Itaúsa sold 41 million company shares in the year, corresponding to 7.4% of its total capital, for R$4.6 billion, reducing its stake in XP to 6.39%.

As for the company’s rating, Moody’s raised its credit rating to AA+ and Fitch Ratings assigned AAA rating to Itaúsa, both on a national scale.

On the ESG agenda, he said that there has been an evolution of these practices with the performance evaluation of the board and committees, the institution of the Audit Committee, as well as the creation and updating of policies and the Code of Conduct.

Itaúsa (ITSA3): capital structure

According to the company’s balance sheet, Itaúsa’s practice is prudent cash management and the maintenance of adequate leverage levels, observing the liquidity level of its cash and cash equivalents and the focus on capital preservation. The company’s leverage was 7.0% (net debt of R$5.8 billion over total liabilities + shareholders’ equity of R$82.6 billion).

“Itaúsa has sufficient financial and equity conditions to continue with its business plan and meet its short-, medium- and long-term obligations, including the payment of third-party loans, given its liquidity if we consider its cash flow, its current cash position, the liquidity of its assets and its capacity to call capital, if necessary,” he said.


The ITSA3 share ended November 10, 2022 quoted at R$9.18.

Who is Itaúsa S.A. (ITSA3 ITSA4)

Itaúsa S.A. is a Brazilian company that operates as an investment holding company in the financial and industrial sectors. The company is publicly traded and has a 45-year track record. It also holds shares in social institutions.

It has a diversified portfolio of companies that are leaders in their segments and present in more than 50 countries. So, because it is a holding company, it does not offer any kind of service, it only controls a majority of shares in other organizations.