Energisa (ENGI11) disclosed on Monday (12), in a material fact, that Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4) bought shares in the company, raising its equity stake to 5.01% of the company’s shares.

Energisa cites in the material fact, Itaú’s investment funds now own 62,115,768 preferred shares of Energisa (ENGI4).

Considering the share price of Energisa (ENGI4) at the opening of Tuesday (13) of R$7.64, Itaú now owns the equivalent of R$474.5 million.

Energisa’s Results for the Second Quarter of 2022
Energisa’s (ENGI11) second quarter 2022 (2Q22) results, released on August 11, showed a net profit of R$915.9 million in 2Q22, up 22.3% year-on-year.

Energisa’s Ebitda reached R$ 1.7 billion in 2Q22, up 22.2% compared with 2Q21.

Energisa’s Ebitda margin totaled 26.9% in 2Q22, up 4.2 percentage points compared to 2Q21.

Energisa’s net margin reached 15.7% in 2Q22, up 3.5 p.p. year-over-year.

Energisa’s shares (ENGI11) have fallen 1.05% in the stock market in the last 7 days and are up 18.75% in the last 12 months.