The Ibovespa, B3’s main stock index (B3SA3), was up 1.48% at the opening, at 113,589 points, at 10:08 on Thursday (22).

At 10:10, the dollar depreciated 0.36%, quoted at R$ 5.154.

On Thursday (22), investors reflect the monetary policy decisions in Brazil and the U.S. with signals from the Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, respectively, on the trajectory of interest rates in the two countries.

In England, the new level of the basic interest rate was announced.

Analysts monitor the behavior of commodity prices in the international market and the unemployment insurance figures in the USA.

Stock markets now
Asia (closed)

Nikkei 225 (Japan): -0,58%

Shanghai Composite (China): -0,27%


DAX 30 (Germany): -0,42%

FTSE 100 (England): -0,04%
CAC 40 (France): -0,41%

United States: (at 10:12 am, futures indices were operating in a mixed field, between negative 0.08% and positive 0.14%)

Dow Jones:

S&P 500:

Nasdaq 100:

Market movements
Here is the main news from major Brazilian companies, including shareholder notices, market releases, material facts, and information from the specialized press:

Aura Minerals (AURA33) – Aura Minerals (AURA33) has completed the acquisition of the Big River group.

CSN (CSNA3) and Usiminas (USIM5) – The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) Tribunal maintained the determination that CSN must reduce its participation in Usiminas’ shares to up to 5%, but decided for an indefinite period for the sale to take place.
The decision follows the Court’s 2014 understanding, except for the deadline, which had already been extended. (Valor)
Movida (MOVI3) – Movida informed that the wholly-owned subsidiary Movida Finance has acquired 100% of Drive on Holidays (DOH), a car rental company headquartered in Portugal.

DOH was acquired for an enterprise value of €66 million, which, considering the net debt of €11 million in August this year, resulted in an equity value of €55 million.

Raízen (RAIZ4) – Raízen signed a deal with Shell to buy oil derivatives worth R$143.0 million.

Operating data
IRB Brasil Re (IRBR3) – IRB registered a loss of R$ 58.9 million in July, against a negative result of R$ 97.6 million in the same month last year.

Carrefour Brasil (CRFB3) – Carrefour’s board of directors approved the registration of the company’s capital increase.

The total amount of the capital increase was R$6,576,745.50, to R$9,917,302,008.46. For this, 562,115 new common shares were issued.
The new papers were issued at a price of R$11.70 per share and the dilution percentage resulting from the issue was 0.0267286%. ( Brazil)

Romi (ROMI3) – The Board of Directors approved a capital increase of R$133 million, to R$784,417,182.29.

A total of 7,333,392 new shares will be issued, with a 10% bonus issue.