The Focus Bulletin revised projections this Monday (2) for inflation, in addition to bringing an increase in expectations for the Selic, the basic interest rate, in 2023.

Inflation measured by IPCA for 2022 was revised from 5.64% last week, to 5.62%.

The projection for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2022 was maintained at 3.04%.

For 2023, more changes in the evaluation of the financial institutions consulted by the Central Bank to capture expectations regarding the main economic indicators.

The most relevant of these concerns the Selic rate for 2023: from 12% last week to 12.25%.

The IPCA was also revised upwards, from 5.23% to 5.31%, in the third consecutive revision.

The GDP for 2023 was revised upwards from 0.79% to 0.80%.

And the exchange rate was maintained at R$ 5.27.

For 2024, there was only a revision in the expectation for inflation: from 3.60% last week, to 3.65%.

EQI Asset’s Projections
For 2023, EQI Asset projects IPCA of 5.2%; exchange rate of R$ 5.41; Selic of 11.50%; and GDP of 1.5%.

For the manager, the basic interest rate, currently at 13.75% per year, should only start a downward cycle in August this year.

The Focus Bulletin is a report released by the Brazilian Central Bank that gathers the main projections for economic indicators. It serves as a basis for financial decision-making by the market and the government.

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