This Tuesday (4), Eletrobras (ELET3)(ELET6), Fleury (FLRY3) and Zamp (BKBR3) star in the news.

Here are the main news from major Brazilian companies, including shareholder notices, market releases, material facts, and information from the specialized press:

AES Brasil (AESB3) – AES Brasil (AESB3) ratified a partial increase in the company’s capital stock, within the authorized limit, through the issuance of shares.

The company informs that 106,599,446 shares were effectively subscribed and paid up, representing approximately 91.72% of the shares that were the object of the capital increase, at an issue price of R$9.61 per share, totaling R$1,024,420,676.06.

The company’s capital stock increased from R$2,116,000,500.00 to R$2,166,000,500.66.

Alliar (AALR3) – The board of directors approved two debt issues: one of simple debentures, still in the process of being raised, and another of Private Commercial Notes, for R$200 million.

BlueTech (BLUT4) – Blue Tech Solutions (BLUT4) filed a Motion for Clarification against the judgment handed down in the records of the Motion for Clarification, with a request for immediate restoration of the effects of the preliminary injunction decision issued in December 2021, so that the suspension of the extension of the effects of the bankruptcy can be maintained.

EcoRodovias (ECOR3) – Fitch downgraded the long-term national ratings on the company’s debenture issues from AA(bra) to AA-(bra), with a stable outlook.

Eletrobras (ELET3)(ELET6) – Eletrobras sold the totality of its participation (1.56%) in CELPE for R$ 49.0 million.
The amount corresponds to 20,137 common shares (ON) and 1,146,011 preferred shares (PN). The operation took place by means of a takeover bid.

Eneva (ENEV3) – Eneva finalized the acquisition of 100% of the shares issued by CELSEPAR and CEBARRA held directly by LNG Power Limited and indirectly by the shareholders of DC Energia e Participações S.A..

The total value of the operation, announced at the end of May, was R$6.7 billion.
Ferbasa (FESA4) – The regular supply price of High Carbon Ferro Chrome (FeCr AC) to the European market, for the fourth quarter of 2022, was published at US$c 149 /lb.Cr – a decline of 17.2% compared to the price announced in the previous quarter.

FERBASA prices are based on a “basket” of international prices, among which those practiced by the European, American and mainly the Asian markets. (Planner)

The prices charged by FERBASA have as a parameter a “basket” of international prices, among which those practiced in European, American and mainly Asian markets. (Planner)

Fleury (FLRY3) – Fleury acquired the Méthodos laboratory, in Minas Gerais, for R$27.4 million.
Gerdau (GGBR4) and Metalúrgica Gerdau (GOAU4) – The companies announced the conclusion of a global credit line in the amount of up to US$ 875 million.

The credit line, called Senior Unsecured Global Working Capital Credit Agreement, is being managed by Bank of New York Mellon, and was contracted by Gerdau, Gerdau Aços Longos, Gerdau Açominas and other affiliated companies abroad.
Grupo Mateus (GMAT3) – Squadra reduced its ownership interest from 5% to 4.930%, to 108.8 million common (ON) shares.

Inter (INBR31) – Inter announced that it has become a creditor of Conedi in credit assignment operations.

The transaction involved Inter as assignee of credit rights, with the sale to Conedi Participações of its stake in Rádio Itatiaia.

The credit assignments were carried out with a monthly discount rate of 0.2%. Thus, the sellers’ credit assignment was 2.54% and the Itatiaia credit assignment was 2.57%.

The payment will be made in quarterly installments, the first on December 12 and the last in September 2024.

The amount was calculated at R$59 million, with a 100% CDI correction.

Itaúsa (ITSA4) and XP (XPBR31) – Itaúsa (ITSA4) sold 6.5 million class A shares issued by XP. The amount is equivalent to 1.2% of the company’s capital stock and was sold for about R$ 660 million.

As a result, the holding reduces its stake to 50,970,985 Class A common shares – 9.2% of XP’s total capital stock and 3.2% of its voting capital.

Jalles Machado (JALL3) – Jalles Machado concluded the transfer of quotas of Santa Vitória and shares of ERB MG Energia.

Mercado Livre (MELI34) – Mercado Livre announced an initial one-year partnership with consórcio administrator Embracon to offer the service on the retailer’s platform.

Minerva (BEEF3) – Compass Group raised its stake in the company to 5.46%, and now holds 33,150,141 common shares.

Multiplan (MULT3) – Multiplan approved the 11th issue of simple debentures, non convertible into shares, in the amount of R$300 million.

Neoenergia (NEOE3) and CELPE – The companies informed that, within the scope of the Tender Offer for conversion of issuer registration from Category A to B, Neoenergia acquired in auction the equivalent to 9.130% of Neoenergia Pernambuco’s capital stock.

The shares were acquired for the prices of R$42.02 for ON papers, R$42.02 for PNA papers, and R$46.22 for PNB papers, for a total amount of R$286,953,986.76.

OceanPact (OPCT3) – The company informed that Total Return, from the United States, now holds 10,106,200 common shares, corresponding to 5.05% of the total capital stock.

OdontoPrev (ODPV3) – OdontoPrev informed that it has concluded the acquisition of the remaining shares of the subsidiaries OdontoRed and Oprev.

Oi (OIBR3) vs. Claro, Tim (TIMS3) and Vivo (VIVT3) – The opening of the arbitration process involving the operators due to disagreement about the correct value in the sale of the mobile network of the carrier from Rio de Janeiro marks the beginning of a long discussion with no deadline for a conclusion.

Oi stresses, in a material fact published on Tuesday morning (4), that there was no breach of the Purchase and Sale Agreement on its part.

The Judge of the 7th Business Court of the City of Rio de Janeiro granted the injunction requested by Oi, and ordered the buyers to deposit, within 48 hours, the amount of R$ 1,527,801,711.76.

R$ 515,565,143.11 by Telefônica (VIVT3), R$ 342,705,888.62 by Claro, and R$ 669,530,680.03 by Tim (TIMS3), under penalty of a fine in the amount equivalent to 10% of the amount to be deposited.

The amount is equivalent to the amount withheld from the acquisition price of UPI Ativos Móveis until the controversy arising from the post-closing acquisition price adjustment is resolved by arbitration.

The judge also determined the immediate establishment of a mediation procedure, in order to try to amicably settle the dispute between Oi and the buyers, to be held and concluded within 60 days. (InfoMoney)

Omega (MEGA3) – The Board of Directors approved the application for capital increase and the sending of the Capital Increase Notice to Actis.

Petrobras (PETR3)(PETR4) – The state-run company Petrobras announced on Tuesday, May 4, that it has signed a contract with Sembcorp Marine Rigs & Floaters for the construction of the P-82 platform, as a result of the advancement of the development project of the Buzios field, in the Santos Basin pre-salt area. (Reuters)

Raízen (RAIZ4) – Shareholders approved in extraordinary general meeting the increase of the company’s capital stock, in the context of the integration with Bioserv, concluded in April, from the current R$11,766,353,969.58 to R$19,531,609,410.70.

The company also informed that its subsidiary Raízen Trading closed with Shell Trading g Rotterdam BV the purchase of oil derivatives in the amount of R$ 142.5 million.

The purchase is part of the activities usually developed by Raízen and its subsidiaries.

The purchase was made through a competitive process, in line with the best market conditions in relation to other suppliers, domestic and international.

RNI (RDNI3) – 4UM Gestão de Recursos reduced its stake in the company from 5.330% to 4.960%, for a little less than 2.2 million shares.

Santander Brasil (SANB11) – Santander Brasil closed a commercial agreement for the sale of Mapfre’s car and motorcycle insurance through Auto Compara, the bank’s portal for online insurance contracting.

Sinqia (SQIA3) – Claudio Almeida Prado was elected to the position of Chief Operating Vice-President, following his resignation as an Independent Board Member.

Carlos Furlan replaces him in the company’s Board of Directors.

Tecnisa (TCSA3) – Tecnisa launched the first phase of the enterprise Bosque Pitangueiras, in São Paulo, with a total sales value (PSV) of R$ 218 million.

TC (TRAD3) – TC Traders Club approved the early termination, effective September 29, 2022, of the company’s share sale program, approved on May 16, 2022.

There was also the cancellation, without any reduction or change in the Company’s share capital figure, of 1,500,000 common shares issued by the company held in treasury against the capital reserve.

The capital stock remains unchanged, amounting to R$ 623.4 million, divided into 280,147,138 shares.

Carlos Furlan replaces him on the company’s board of directors.
Tecnisa (TCSA3) – Tecnisa launched the first phase of the Bosque Pitangueiras development, in São Paulo, with a total sales value (PSV) of R$218 million.

Telefônica Brasil – Vivo (VIVT3) – The indirect subsidiary Telefônica Infraestrutura e Segurança (TIS) finalized the acquisition of the entire capital stock of Vita IT, for R$ 120 million.

The acquisition is in line with the company’s strategy to strengthen its operations and positioning in the networking market, in addition to enabling revenue growth and improving the business margin, the company said.

Tim (TIMS3) – Shares began trading only at 10:30. The papers were in auction and investors were waiting for the release of a material fact.

Vibra (VBBR3) – Vibra approved the issue of up to R$1.5 billion in debentures, with a maturity of seven years from the date of issue.

Zamp (BKBR3) – The Popeyes snack food chain announced yesterday the opening of thirteen new restaurants in the last quarter of the year. For now, the chain’s units are only in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Weg (WEGE3) – The energy infrastructure company Orion-E said it hired Weg as a service provider for its solar power plants in Brazil, an important move for the expansion of the business.

Wiz (WIZS3) – Wiz Partners, a marketplace specializing in credit, closes a commercial agreement with Monetare, a fintech from Brasilia that acts as a digital banking correspondent, specializing in facilitating the granting of home loans, to market home loans.


EcoRodovias (ECOR3) – EcoRodovias approved the payment of dividends of R$ 255,000 (R$ 0.0009 per share) and interest on shareholders’ equity in the amount of R$ 2.161 million (R$ 0.0079 per share).

Rumo (RAIL3) – Rumo approved payment of R$ 400 million, equivalent to R$ 0.30 per share ON, R$ 0.36 per share PNA and R$ 0.33 per share PNB.

Comgás – On Tuesday (4), Comgás (CGAS3)(CGAS4) will distribute R$20.4 million in interest on equity (JCP).

Of this total, R$ 15.6 million refer to common shares (ON)(CGAS3) (R$ 0.15 per share) and R$ 4.7 million to preferred shares (PN)(CGAS4) (R$ 0.16 per share).

The shares have been traded ex-rights since September 26.

MRV – MRV (MRVE3) approved the payment of R$ 95.587 million in dividends, equivalent to R$ 0.1978 per share.

Payments are scheduled for October 4, with shares traded ex-rights since September 22.